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About Solar Patrol

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We saw the need to protect our industry and the clients of other companies. Bad installations and companies being out of state entities using sub-contractors usually allow them to disappear or sell off their interests leaving you deserted. It creates a negative image of the industry, and many times prevents great companies from earning more business due to the fear of being taken advantage of. We are on a mission to hold those that show this bad behavior accountable, regulate this industry for the safety of clients, and hold a higher standard for solar power.

That is our mission.

Are There Good Solar Companies?

Good Vs. Bad Solar Companies

Yes, there are. We actually specialize in that aspect of this industry too. For example, if you are looking for solar on your home, solar for your business, or utility solar then we will serve you through your project. Take an interested homeowner, for example, they call solar patrol and we will come to do all the heavy lifting and educating if solar will work for them. You need to understand how a company determines your system, you also need to know how your utility will buy back solar production and how the time of use will affect you.

All of which we will educate you on.